The Pavilion by GSID & Proske Architects

Adelaide, Australia

Taking collective references from the modern architectural form, the existing Bungalow house and the client’s own inherent love of Tuscan style, the design integrates this modern structure into an idyllic haven. A purposefully restrained material palette creates a feeling of tranquillity and warmth, while simultaneously weathering a vibrant, bustling family.

The design of the Pavilion was to create a secondary entertaining space for a large family, removed from the main house.

The palette needed to compliment the contemporary architectural foundation of the building including a curved rammed earth wall, while addressing the client’s passion for Tuscan like textural qualities.

A gentle approach to the design allows for textures to shine in their own right. A refined palette laden with beautiful textural quality.  From the cool stone underfoot, soft polished plaster walls, to limestone and concrete bench tops; the tactile qualities of this space are honest and natural providing a sense of rustic luxury and permanence.

Every considered detail inspires the senses, from wide cobbled doorway transitions, aged brass knurled door handles to the custom crafted curved timber architraves.

Robust cast in place concrete joinery tops and basins are balanced with subtly detailed oak joinery, all are simple in form and minimalistic. A restored heirloom buffet sits alongside new joinery, bridging old and new.

A harmonious connection with landscape is achieved through large sliding steel frame doors. Arbonne natural stone extends seamlessly between pool area into the pavilion visually and texturally anchoring the building as part of the overall garden scape.

A residence must be more than beautiful. It must perform and support the inhabitants, through functionality and purpose. This interior metamorphoses what was potentially a disconnected structure from the main house, to a connected reinterpreted space. Tuscan villas are historically rustic, family spaces of warm, natural yet durable textures. The robust nature of materials used here will weather to their environment whilst remaining relatively maintenance free. Consistent cooperation and open dialogue between designer, client, architect, builder throughout all phases of planning and construction has enabled a truly collaborative approach, elevating this project into a remarkably beautiful, serene, transformative space.

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