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Daniella Jones

A Colorful Touch of Romance with Daniella Jones

Daniella Jones is a rising star of social media. Copenhagen based young artist has been painting since she was 12 years old. Her portrait paintings and make up tutorials make her profile quite pleasant especially when they come together with her beauty. Even if her profile is impossible to ignore thanks to her beauty, she’s not the only thing outstanding in her profile. Her paintings have a specific style created by clean lines with mostly strong women figures, how she enjoys herself while practicing her art can be seen easily considering also how she evolved her art by herself.

You have learned and improved painting by yourself even if you don’t have a background, how did you start painting at the first place?

  Since I can remember I’ve forever loved to draw and paint. I’ve always kept it relevant for my life and therefore had a huge interest in learning by doing.  


You are one of the upcoming names of painting at such young age, how would you define your style?

  My style is very experimental and interchangeably, with a colorful touch of romance. I enjoy to keep learning and expressing myself and hopefully keep developing. 


You have been using powerful woman figures as subjects in most of your works, what your idea of a powerful woman would be?

  I believe every woman is powerful not matter their life, color of skin, religion or job situation. I don’t think that a woman necessarily have to be rich and living the dream job to be “it”. That’s why I like painting different kinds of women. For me a powerful woman embraces both motivation, being true to yourself and being filled with passion and kindness. I would always turn to my mama and think she’s the definition of a powerful woman - being helpful, kind, hardworking and taking care of a big family that’s a queen in my eyes.  


You manage to use the advantages of social media as it helped you to be where you are now professionally, what do you think would be the proper use of Instagram to promote your work?

I use my instagram as my own personal gallery. It works so good and I can only recommend it to all creative people. It gives you the freedom to post and show your works whenever you want and also however you want. I think for me it’s really important that people also get to see me in my creative moments and me as a the artist behind my works.


You inspire many people not only with your passion for your art but also with your style, what is the thing you want to bring to people’s lives?

  I wanna aspire people to be inspired and motivated about anything they do. I also try to be creative with my fashion and photos of showing what I personally like. There’s only one you and that’s exactly how it’s meant to be! 



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A Colorful Touch of Romance with Daniella Jones
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