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Romain Laprade

Beauty in Ordinary Things with Romain Laprade

It’s hard to capture a beautiful detail with the same quality as it’s seen but when it comes to Paris-based photographer Romain Laprade’s photos, even the ordinary everyday details turn out to be remarkable through his lens. His works are mostly on still life, fashion and spaces. Warm and pastel shades are the notable features of his photos and how he manages the natural light with a great aesthetic approach give strength to his photos.

What significance does photography have in your life?

It is almost a primary need like eating or drinking. If I don’t create images I do not feel right. I take pictures almost everyday, I have my camera with me, I don’t want to miss anything. Photography is everything to me, people know my images better than me as a person.

Your photos are ordinary scenes from daily life how do you make it interesting through the lens?

I don’t know how to explain that. I’m always looking around me and looking to find beauty in ordinary things. I’m doing it a lot and I’m more and more used to it. I like to see things that other people do not see and capture them.

Which project gave you the most satisfaction?

A lot of them actually but maybe the série of Alain Capeillères swimming pool that was commissioned commissioned the Villa Noailles. When I arrived at the pool for the shoot, I was very touched by so much beauty and I felt that this shooting was going to be memorable. It was true it has a lot of success and articles. 

What was the greatest challenge of being a photographer?

It is to keep your singularity in every projects, even the commercial ones. I want every picture I take to be recognizable as my work. I want to be proud of each.


How do you nourish your creativity?

I walk a lot and I watch everything around me. I travel a lot (but not much this year). I buy a lot of vintage books to find new locations, ideas. I speak with my creative friends.


Beauty in Ordinary Things with Romain Laprade
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