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Challenge The Materials with Bosco Sodi

Born in Mexico City, Bosco Sodi has been influential artist creating and trying unique things with new materials and embrace the Wabi-Sabi philosophy through his art. Bosco tries to break the status quo and try new things by constantly exploring.

1-) For making an art work what are the layers that one has to consider to make it a great artwork?

In my case, always to approach the work with out a preconceive idea, to be open to the accident , embrace it and except it , also to let the materials take their own course , I have to be open to the unpredictability of the process, all this is what brings a unique and unrepeatable outcome. Also In  for me is very important to focus on the process, this is very important to make a great work


2-) How to be innovative through time with materials?

If we are open to the accident  and we embrace it, this will always take us to new pats … also one has to be experimenting and trying to challenge the materials , always open to new things


3-) How would you describe Wabi-Sabi philosophy from your perspective and its role on your art?

It is accepting the passing of time, the casualty , the accident , the non-control, the unpredictable, to work as much as possible with organic materials, to accept the energy they have.. if we accept all this we will find uniqueness and things that are totally unrepeatable .


4-) Your installation at Casa Wabi (Atlantes) is a magnificent work. How do you imagine a monument which becomes harmonious with its surroundings?

I wanted to create this big installation of 64 big clay  cubes of 2m x 2m x2m , with the local cay of the area, all of them done by hand and in a rustic kiln and I want them to be transform with time, to change to deteriorate very slowly until this cubes that is a human form, becomes a much more organic form , shape by the passing of time and the elements..


5-) Do you view your work as an engineering process as well?

No so much, I like to challenge the materials, but in a more casual and instinctive way , “ try and failure “...

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Challenge The Materials with Bosco Sodi
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