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Marta Bevacqua

Natural & Simple by Marta Bevacqua

Marta Bevacqua was born in Rome, where she has discovered her passion for photography. She’s been taking photos since she was 16 years old and turned it into her profession after graduating from high school. She studied fashion photography at the Central Saint Martins School of Arts in London and worked in different cities of Europe but not only as a fashion photographer, also as a story-teller and director. Photography is a way to express herself, which she’s quite successful at it. She doesn’t wait for an inspiration to come because she believes everyone is beautiful, that anything can inspire her. Her distinctive perspective on beauty is what brought her success.

How do you define your works?

Quite oniric, natural and simple, and with a storytelling feeling.


Do you prefer let your instincts guide you spontaneously or do you prefer to move with a plan while taking photos?

A mix of both. I prefer to plan everything, just to forget about it during the shooting and let my instinct guiding me. My best result arrives when I prepare everything in detail but don't need to really follow my plan :)


What’s beauty to you? Has your perspective changes through the years?

Beauty is something that never need to apologize with anyone. Of course my perspective changed, it evolved with my style. But the main thing remained: everyone is beautiful.


What makes you want to take photos?

It's the urgency of creating something. This pushes me to always work on new ideas.


What was so special about your shootings in Svalbard?

First of all, the fact that Svalbard is my favorite place in the world. I love nature, especially wild nature, which makes that place the perfect one. My shootings over there were always totally improvised, and I felt so blessed and inspired.

Natural & Simple by Marta Bevacqua
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