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Oliver Gustav

Imagining Timeless Spaces by Oliver Gustav

Oliver Gustav is a creative consultant and designer who has a unique sense of time and space. He turned a historical museum in Copenhagen into his art studio where he brought serenity and aesthetic together. The way he designed Studio Oliver Gustav is not only reflects his style but also creates a timeless place since he uses both modern and antique pieces.

You have made some amazing interior projects. What are the processes and questions to ask before starting a project?

Over time I have managed to define which projects I wish to work on by simply choosing projects that make me happy.

 When consulting design to others, how do you manage your creative journey?

When clients contact us for a project it’s because they have fallen in love with our specific DNA, so our DNA really is the center part of every creative project we take part in. That’s why we always invite clients to our studio in the historical Museum Building for consultations, or in these times of course do an online meeting to present a direction for a project.

How did you develop an intuition to create a room with great aesthetic and ambiance?

My great grandfather lived in Indochina for 25 years and was a huge collector of prehistorical objects and arte facts and it’s my clear believe that being around him and his passion for collecting has developed my style and intuition.  

What makes an art work timeless?

I work a lot with monochromatic color schemes, which easily makes you loose sense of time and place – that can, in itself, make something timeless to me.

What are your favorite materials and textures when designing an interior space?

Honest and natural materials are key to me; anything from old timber, to concrete to natural pigments. 

Imagining Timeless Spaces by Oliver Gustav
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