Paola Paronetto

Freedom of Form & Color with Paola Paronetto

The Italian ceramicist Paola Paronetto’s art works are based on 30 years of researches and experiments. She left the traditional clay works behind and created her genuine style, especially with paper clay. Her works are mostly decorative objects that display her distinctive touch where aesthetic meet with simplicity.

How did you get into ceramic making?

I have always been attracted to the art of creating something with my hands in general and at the age of 18 I decided to take a course in ceramics.  I fell in love with clay and have never left it since.


What inspires you to use paper clay technique in your ceramics? 

As I mentioned, I love clay as a medium but felt restricted by the rules of classic ceramic techniques.  I needed something that would free me to infuse my ideas into the clay and as a result I began to experiment with paper-clay.  The challenge sit brought were great but so were the results and I have worked with paper clay for over 12 years now.


How do you find inspiration from nature when being creative?

It is difficult for an artist to know exactly how and when inspiration will find you.  I live in the Italian countryside and am submerged in a world of beauty and nature.  The exact forms I create are no doubt are sult of a combination of those things, my inner self and my drive to express what is dear to me.  The natural world is essential to this process and being as close to it as possible is fuel for my soul.


What is at the core of your creations?

Beauty, weightlessness, delicacy, femininity, freedom of form and color.


What makes a great craftsman?

I think thata great craftsman should be passionate about what they are doing, give their heart and soul to their craft, never hesitate to be themselves whilst being humble enough to continue to learn and progress.


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Freedom of Form & Color with Paola Paronetto
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