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Kelly Behun

Shapes & Colors with Kelly Behun

Kelly Behun who is recognized as a Top Interior Designer creates a timelessly elegant spaces that feels warm and comfortable for her high-profile clients.

1. You have designed and created many projects. How do you keep being innovative and unique?

The wonderful thing about working with clients is that it requires you to innovate on their behalf, to understand what excites and inspires them...the goal after all is to create a home that looks uniquely like them, not me.

2. Your designs are colorful. How do you pick the colors and keep the harmony of the environment?

I am very sensitive to color and how things harmonize when placed in proximity to each other - much like the art of seating people at a dinner party, certain colors have a way of interacting and bringing out the best in each other.

3. How would you describe your approach to finding texture and its role on the product?

I am fascinated by the role of texture in our world - the way different textures catch and absorb or deflect light, the power of soft and tactile textures to soothe and comfort, and ancient techniques like stone mosaic to create evocative patterns.

4. As an experienced designer, how do you manage your creative journey?

I feel it’s actually the other way around, the creative journey manages me. It’s a life force to me and I prefer to let it take me where it will...

5. How was the process for creating something fairly new for you when designing the rug collection for TheRug Company?

This collection for The Rug Company was inspired by my love for the shapes and colors of my hometown NewYork, the relationship between the ever changing light and the collage of architecture that forms its iconic skyline. Because these are things I am immersed in everyday, the process felt effortless.

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Shapes & Colors with Kelly Behun
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