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Iker Ochotorena

The Essence of the Space by Iker Ochotorena

Iker Ochotorena is the founder and director of the well-known architect firm OOAA Architecture. The Madrid-based firm was founded in 2011, right after Iker Ochotorena finished his studies in architecture. The company has been designing outstanding projects since then. Their practices comprise serene atmospheres within timeless designs. They prefer only fine materials with high quality, and their method of shaping the volumes through geometries and lines with their vast knowledge creates spaces that have a unique harmony.

As each experience has a great contribution to creating a signature, how did your experiences shape your style through the years?

With each executed/finished project the essential things of architecture have gained more importance for me. The light and the space show themselves powerful when the claddings go unnoticed and they get on well with each other. This way, the essence of the space and asense of well-being emerge.

Less is more approach defines your style in principle, what gives you the inspiration to choose the right materials and objects during your creative process?

When, during the decision-making, the most simple and natural options are chosen, we achieve a relaxed sensation with a deep substance, leaving aside the surprise factor, that very rarely helps.

You express your predominant goal as creating a “protective atmosphere”, can you give more details about it?

I especially find it necessary to create a sense of protection at home, as it is each one’s private shelter, where we not only keep our most personal belongings, but where our most loved ones live. Each person’s home is a sacred place, where the calm, stillness and silent sensations help us take refuge and rest after a dynamic, noisy and colorful day in the outside.

You have signed your name to many picturesque designs, which project of yours would be the game-changer for you?

I pursue a truth that I need to unveil little by little. There is not one project that changed everything to me. All my projects arise from a broader discourse. This is why all of them have things in common and the changes are slow. There is an investigation and a guideline that – in my opinion – makes our work and experience authentic.

Most of your designs stand out with their tranquility, what are the main elements for you to create such serenity in your designs?

Heavy proportions, materials laid out rationally, neutral colors, simple but always suggestive layouts, handcrafted finishes where human hand is perceived, warm and caring lighting, and always letting intuition guide the reason.

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The Essence of the Space by Iker Ochotorena
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