Jerome Galland

The Line and The Material by Jerome Galland

Jerome Galland is a Paris-based photographer who primarily works on architectural projects. His architectural and interior photography is outstanding and attracts many people’s attention, but besides his professional works, his personal projects containing mostly nature scenes are also remarkable. Clean lines with perfect use of light form his highly artistic scenes. He pays attention to creating a simple aesthetic through his lens, which mentally transports his audience into the places where he shoots and creates satisfying images. He manages to generate simplicity through complex compositions. He signed his name under many great projects due to his collaborations with venerable architects such as Pierre Yovanovitch, and the results of these collaborations are enviable as they also get better with each new project he accomplishes.

“Å” should have been a quite personal project that you reflect your emotions through your photography, what is the story behind The Lofoten Islands that makes the place special to you?

It is ! Å is the place I have discovered with my parents when I was 13 years old. It was our first trip far away, first emotions on landscapes and « bad » weather
Since then, I go back there every 10 years. The proposition of @antoinericardou, editor of @portraitsdevilles was a very moving gift.

Compositions in your personal works are differential from your professional projects as they have a more minimalistic approach, how do you detach your personal style in professional works

Not easy, sometimes I fight ! We’re called to respond to a specific request with a personal point of view, but making images with an accurate composition and the good light as simple as possible, is the way for me.Simple doesn’t mean minimal.


You have made thriving collaborations with many great architects such as Pierre Yovanovitch, which architectural style would be closer to your aesthetic taste?

My pleasure is to report, to describe someone’s vision of a place, new styles are always  surprising and I‘m curious but what I probably like most is an apparent simplicity that highlights objects and art.The line and the material.

Bright colors are at the forefront especially in your interior projects but they don’t tire the eye even if the design has a specific complexity, what applying is essential to you in your creative process

Taking time after the shooting to render with any application I could need, what I saw, what I felt, which may not be the reality.

As you travel the world and collaborate with many people during your projects, what would you consider as the most important thing you have learnt to evolve yourself during your journey?

Remaining silent and listening people but following the light and joy. You’re here because of you... but it could be legitimately someone else.


The Line and The Material by Jerome Galland
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