Kinuta Terrace by Keiji Ashizawa Design+Norm Architects

Tokyo, Japan

Located in a quiet residential area in Tokyo, Kinuta Terrace is a multiple dwelling house consisted of 36 maisonettes constructed in 1991. It features a greenery courtyard with a 100-meter-long garden passage. This project is not only a renovation project but a comprehensive project including direction for landscape, designing of interior and furniture.

Sunlight shining through trees in the courtyard comes from the large window to the living area, where the dynamism of the building gives advantages to the space designs. The light highlights the richness of upholstery and material of the wall and floor. On glass top of the coffee table, the reflection of leaves changing its color heralds seasons transition.

For peoples’ longing to reconnect with nature, this project focuses their resonation of every element through choosing the right materials and harmonizing them. Such fine-tuning of every aspect successfully carries the natural references to the living space and creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere filled with inspiration.

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